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The rule of six

The Goverment wanted one simple message, one That no one could misinterpret. One backed By law from the 14th September in England, it would be illegal for groups larger than six to gather together.


But there will be excemptions.

ah, not so quite simple, then !

Schools would be exempt, and work places, places of worship. Life – event gatherings, such ad small weddings and funerals. Youth clubs would be excempt. And gyms. And pubs.

The longer the goverment ministeryo went on, the less simple the rule of six became.

But one type of gathering That wasn’t listed in the exemptions was Children’s parties. So with the rule of Six being so ‘simple’, That meant we cannot hold a Children’s party after Monday the 14th, right?


You Can Hold Great Children’s Parties Under The Rule Of Six

Its not me saying That, its the goverment. On the day of Six was announce, outlining what can take place in Village halls and communities Centres

”indoor performances to socially distance audiences can take place, if in Line with the performing arts Guideance”

“Businesses and venues following Covid -19 secure guidelines can host larger (than Six) groups”,

so you see, the rule of Six is far from simple. And there’s another complication. I’m sure politicians and thier advisers imagine a Children’s party to be barely controlled chaos- hoards of children running rings around the parents, dozens packet onto a bouncy Castle and having wrestling matches on the floor. If you have been to enough Children’s parties, you’ll have been to some like this. And no, parties like this would not be safe- even before the panademic!

But if you’ve been to a Darren Lee Magic Show, you’ll know this is not the way my parties run. They are much like a theatrical or variety performance, with the children (and parents) sitting, enjoying, and taking part in the Show.

Can you safely hold a party in your Home.

well if you Live in a stately Home, i’m sure you can, but not all of us are That lucky, and I think the answer is no, you cant hold it in your home, because the rule of Six will apply. You’ll need to find a covid secure venue instead.

when you Go and book your venue, you’ll be presented with a set of rules or procedures That you’ll need to follo, which make it covid – safe venue. They’ll include having a list of attendees, hand – washing and / sanatizing , social distancing , and cleaning, All are there to protect you and your guests- and the Entertainer, if you’ve booker one.

keeping a list of attendees is pretty straight forward for a birthday party. You’ll have a guest list and you’ll have thier contact details – thats How you were able to invite them. Take the list to the party and make note of the namespace of Those who attend. You’ll need a note of everyone, even those who drop off or pick up their children but don’t stay for the party.( I suggest you encourage as many as possible to stay to supervise their children – far less hassle for you.) In the unlikely event circumstances some one tests positive for covid after the party – and it may have absolutley nothing to do with your event – you can pass you list to the trick and trace people to contact all those who were at the party,

( you need to keep a list of attendees for 21 days – dont throwback it away with the discarded birthday wrapping paper.)

Keeping Your Distance

Have sanitizer inside the entrance so That everyone sanitzes their hands when they enter – you dont want then bringing any germs into the party from outside – and, if your providing food, make sure everyone sanatizes their hands before they eat. A good a Entertainer will do That for you anyway..arrange floormats or tablets and chairs in a caberet arrangement, with the tablets at lease 2 meters apart for the people to sit at in groups of no more than Six. ( this is where the rule of Six does apply!) Have enough tablets for the number of houseolds you’ve invited . If you’ve serving food, I would recommend tablets and chairs – then the food ( which should serve in individual snack boxes ) can be delivered to the children to eat at tables.

one word of warning : dont bake a large birthday cake, have individual cupcakes, including a special one for the birthday Child to blow out.

A Covid Secure Children’s Entertainer

As a professional peformer, i’ve performed the Risk Assesment necessary to make Darren Lee Magic Show, a covid – secure bussiness. I’ve always said That hiring a profesional Entertainer gives you more than just a great party, it also gives you peace of mind. That’s more important today than it’s ever been.

I hope i’ve shown That the rule of Six does apply, to Children’s parties, but so long as you socially distance you families into groups of Six, there is no reason why you can’t celabrate your Children’s birthday with a great party and a safe environment for you friends and family.

there’s no doubt That putting on a successful Children’s party is more difficult now than ever before, so hiring a professional to take away some of the stress may be what you’re looking for. I hope I see you soon .