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Special Offer

As it’s my 50th birthday in February I have decided to offer my Gold package for £150.

this offer is only available for parties in February only,

  • Single birthday parties only
  • parties must start at either 11-00am or 3-00pm

Gold parties

starts with a 45 minute magic show , which has lots of audience participation and fun. All the children who help me during the magic show, will receive a balloon model and a certificate.

If it’s for a birthday the birthday child will help me twice during the magic show and receive two special balloon modules and a certificate.

After the magic show I will have a break whilst the children eat their food.

After they have eaten I will gather the children together and sing happy birthday to the birthday child.

Then it’s straight in with another 45 minutes of fun party games. I will provide all the prizes for the games.

All the children will receive a Darren Lee magic show wrist band and a balloon model.
( they can choose either a dog, rabbit or a sword. One balloon per child)

How to have the best party

A Birthday is once a year, hence every effort is made sure that the celebration is a success.

unfortunately, rising costs of living in England. Has crashed one or two party and Birthday celebrations.

which parent doesn’t want their child to have a memorable childhood ?

Thankfully there is a solution and its easier and more economical that you thought.

You don’t have to keep up with the Jones’s,and invite everyone in the class, invite a small group of their best friends. Have the party in your own home.

You don’t need to book bouncy castles, popcorn and candyfloss machines and balloon decorations or hiring expensive venue’s.

For entertainment , a magic show would be hard to beat, Magic shows are a lot of fun, exciting, full of surprises and engaging for the children as well as the adults.

Many national companies who offer entertainers use students with little performing experiences and low fees, some parents think there’s little difference. But if your a parent that believes that memories are priceless then i suggest that you don’t risk it. Hiring a professional entertainer will ensure that your party is a success. Most magicians would also be able to provide balloon sculpting, with certain packages, and organise the cake- cutting ceremony in a professional manner.

Please contact Darren for more in formation

Even if i’m not able to entertain at your party, i wish you every success with you event

Wrist bands

Darren Lee Magic Show wristbands

Wrist bands will be given out for the Silver and Gold Packages

Award winning

Last night I won best comedy magic act,at The Order of the Magi magic club cabaret competition.

Peace of mind

On the 27-02-1970 I was born Lee Darren Clark in Burnley,at the age of 5 years old. I had a magician for my 5th birthday party, that’s when I fell in love with magic. At the age of 14, I did my first magic show under my stage name of Darren Lee. I’ve now been entertaining children for 34 years. For birthday parties, weddings and christening.I have placed my DBS so you have peace of mind knowing that you are in safe hands. I have also put a passport photo of my self and a photo of me working as Darren Lee so you can guarantee knowing that I am Lee Darren Clark working under my stage name of Darren LeeGetting Ready for the Hokey-Cokey at a Christening in Burnley

Tips on Times for parties

*The most popular times are :- 11-00am till 1-00pm and 3-00pm till 5-00pm because they coincide with children’s normal eaating times (lunch and dinner).

*The least popular time is :-2-00pm till 4-00pm because parents feel it’s awkwardly in the middle of the day, and there’s no time for other family things before or after the party.

No hidden costs – when booking your party

No hidden costs

Some entertainers can charge extra for travel. Or if the venue is too far away from where they park. Entertainers sometimes charge you extra just to carry everything into the venue. Or charge extra for balloon models or prizes. With Booking Darren Lee you can be rest assured that their will be NO HIDDEN COSTS.

Booking the party

Things to consider when booking your party. Booking an entertainer is enough, therefore you don’t need bouncy castles,Face painters or mascots. before you know it, your party starts to look like a festival. Therefore Remember LESS is MORE. When you hire a good Entertainer that’s only what you need,because they are entertainers so they are going to entertain your children,the entire time.

If your on a budget don’t hire a venue,have the party at home. Invite 10 of the closest friends to the party.And book an entertainer for an hour instead of two hours.

Darren Lee will quote you for a party, with NO HIDDEN COSTS.

You can call now on 01282 865809 or use the contact page on the website at :-